What’s The Best Subject for 21st Century?

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Education coupled with innovative ideas brings about technological advancement. So, which is the best subject that will equip you the information and skills required to succeed in 21st century? Computer science.

There are hundreds if not thousands of learning facilities that offer this subject to scholars from all across the globe. Let us look at some of the core reasons why you should take this subject.

1. Wide array of topics

Wide array of topics

There are over 1,000 different IT and computer science topics. This allows scholars to choose a niche that best suits their personal interests and capabilities. Examples of some of the topics that are covered include games technology, computer networking, cyber security, software and apps development and the list continues. Simply put, by choosing this subject you will a find a wide range of interesting topics that wills surely hone your skills and expand your knowledge base. Continue reading

February 13, 2014

What’s Needed For New College?

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Heading to college is a new and exciting phase of any teenager’s life. Along with this excitement is the excitement of packing the important and required things in new college. So here is a list to help you out here.

1. First of all, don’t pre-plan for the entire year as you can buy things like pens, extra binders and other things as the year goes on.

don’t pre-planMoreover, things like desk lamps which you don’t know if you should bring along with you may be provided by the college. Check for availability of things like this on the college website or by asking past students. Continue reading

December 13, 2013

5 Stupid Mistakes You Must Avoid When Choosing A College

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It can at times prove daunting to come up with the best selection of a college. However, when proper strategies and techniques are applied, finding the ideal college may not be challenging after all. It is important to first understand that the course you intend to pursue has a great role in your life hence best choice of college should not be a compromise.

A great number of people end up losing their life focus for making wrong choices of colleges. Note that any institution offering particular courses can be termed best. In this regard, you must avoid making stupid mistakes as you look for a place to pursue your dream course.

Here are mistakes you should at all costs avoid:

1. Being A Follower

Being A Follower

If you are the kind of person who do something because others have done it, then getting the best college may just remain a dream. Remember, career choice is always based on personal interests and the same should apply when looking for a college. Important to note, the course you intend to pursue is your life hence following a friend should not count. Continue reading

October 12, 2013

Top 5 List of Well-Known USA Universities

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A college degree gives you greater chances of landing a profitable carer someday. So, if you want to gain an edge above other college students, you might want to choose from any of these top-rated and reputable universities in the US. Studying in these universities will not only increase your chances of getting a good education, but these big names will impress your future employer upon looking at your stellar resume.

1. Harvard University


For years, Harvard University has remained as one of the top US universities in terms of its facilities, scholarships, and faculty. In fact, its endowment is the largest of all universities and colleges throughout the world. With such massive financial resources, students can expect only the finest by attending in this university. For instance, there are plenty of scholarship options for qualified students and loan debts are hardly an issue here. Most importantly, the faculty members are world-class scientists and intellectuals. Hence, students can learn from the best in various fields of studies. Continue reading

July 12, 2013

List Of Top Ten Scholarships For Your Future Education

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Students can get the financial burden off their backs by applying for scholarships. Have a look at the list of top ten scholarships for your future education.

1. Hope Scholarship

Hope Scholarship

This is made available to residents of Georgia who have demonstrated academic achievement. This offers money to help the students attending any HOPE- eligible college in Georgia with their educational costs. Continue reading

May 12, 2013